PTE Academic Test Day Information

What happens on the test day?

PTE Academic test is conducted at a secure test center where you will need to carry and show your ID. The administrator will provide you with all the information that you need to understand the rules and procedures for conducting an exam. The administrator will ask for your ID, scan your face and palm for a digital ID and direct you to a locker to store your belongings after which you are directed to a computer room and allot you a desk. Check the desk has a working headset.

Depending on the center, the number of seats may vary but the ideal will be around 10 seats. You will be provided with a separated booth or desk with a working computer and a headset. The questions that you face may not be the same as your neighbour and when they speak you will hear too so be vigilant and concentrate only on your own tasks.

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam time to ensure you go through a smoother check-in and security process.

Don’t forget to go with your ID especially Passport in most case. Various types of IDs are accepted, visit this link to learn the types of accepted IDs.

Don’t stress or else you will not be able to give your test with your full potential.

Special arrangements

For students with disability and additional arrangements, test takers can request wheelchairs, screen magnifiers or adjustable chairs without prior approval. However, it is best advisable to talk to the center administrator beforehand your test date to ensure your concerns are taken care of.

Test duration

The test goes on for around 3 hours with an optional break of 10 minutes in between the sections. For any queries that you may get during the exam, you may raise your hand and someone will attend you right away.

If your headphones are not working, or your computer gets any technical issues, the administrator will also get you sorted.

You can leave the exam area when you are done with your exam by raising your arm and letting the administrator know of your completion. You will be provided with a confirmation of exam attendance before leaving. Ensure you collect it.