PTE Listening: Fill in the Blanks

PTE Tips for Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks is a simple listening module of the PTE test that requires you to listen to the audio and fill in the blanks in the corresponding transcript.

The basic skills accessed here are your ability to understand the information aurally and pick out the appropriate word for the blanks.

There are some tips and tricks that will help you strategize properly and ace this section. These are as follows:

Read the transcript first

It may not be possible to read the whole transcript before the audio begins. But whatever you are able to read will benefit you immensely. Knowing the words that come before and after the blanks will help you focus your mind about what to listen for. This will ultimately help you in identifying the words that should be filled in the blanks

Be ready to start typing

Keep your cursor in the first blank and be ready to start typing as soon as you are listening. This will allow you to save a few starting seconds in a test where time is of the essence. However, refrain from getting stuck on the first blank, or any other blank. If you’re unsure about a blank, move on to the others, and return at the end. The time you would have saved in the beginning will help you in choosing the correct option later.

Follow the Speaker

Keep moving with the speaker and do not stop to think about a particular word. Ideally, your hand and your eye should follow the speaker. If you are typing directly onto the screen, as soon as you are done with a blank, place the cursor quickly onto the next and pay attention to the words that come before it.

Keep a notepad handy

If your strategy is to write down the words in a notepad and then transferring them on to the screen, you should be ready to write as soon the audio begins. Writing with the hand can be slower than typing. Therefore, try not to write the whole word. Just write the first few letters of the word so later you can recognize the word later.

Always review before submitting

Do not submit the answers without first reviewing them. It is good if the words in the blanks make sense. However, on the off chance that they do not, you may have to consider replacing them. This assessment will be possible only if you review your answers before submitting them. Furthermore, check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Such mistakes can be avoided if you review.

Keep a time management strategy

Since the listening section has an overall timer, exactly how much time you want to spend on the Fill in the Blanks questions is a decision that is up to you.  It will include the runtime of the audio and anytime that you want to spend reviewing your answer. While you are practicing, have a clear understanding as to how much time you are willing to spend on average on this module.

Fill in the Blanks listening module is quite a straightforward section of the test that shouldn’t pose much trouble. As long as you have basic grammatical knowledge and vocabulary, you can rest assured that you will score well in the section. Just make sure that you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and strategize properly.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to type with the audio or save it for later, ensure that the words that you are entering make sense.

A review at the end before submitting should not be avoided as it will help you correct any errors that there might have been.