PTE Listening: Multiple choice, choose single answer

PTE Tips for Multiple choice, choose single answer

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer is a listening module of the PTE test that requires you to listen to the audio and pick out the correct answer from the options provided.

In this test, you will be assessed on your ability to understand the spoken word and identify themes, main points, and to choose the right word depending on the context.

There are some tips and tricks that can help you strategize and make the task easy during the test. These are as follows:

Use the starting 5 seconds wisely

The five seconds that come before the audio begins should be used to go through the options provided. This might not seem like enough time, but can be quite useful if you manage to skim through the options.

Remember that you don’t have to go through the options in their entirety. Instead, you are looking to only get a general idea as to what the audio is going to present. When you have an understanding of what the audio is going to be about, you will understand more from it.

Take Notes

It can be quite difficult to remember everything and the information can pile up by the time the audio ends. To make things easier to remember, note down the key points as you listen to the audio. If you are able to note down the important pieces of information, the likelihood that you will select the right option will increase dramatically.

Keep an eye on the options

Don’t just listen passively. As you are listening to the audio, keep an eye on the options and try to evaluate the options at the same time. This will help you to eliminate a few options or identify the correct one.

This will cut down on the time you spend on choosing the right answer which can be used to review your answers later.

Do not leave any question

If, unfortunately, you are unable to identify the correct option or eliminate the wrong ones, try to make your best guess.

Know that there is no negative marking in this module which is why you shouldn’t leave any question blank. You can come back to it while you are reviewing your answers and pick that one that seems most logical to you.

Finalize and Review

Once the audio ends, take some time to read the questions and the options again. It’s to your advantage if you have already picked out the correct option for a question. For all other questions, look at the notes and try to remember what you heard.

Eliminate the options and ensure that you have a good reason for selecting the correct option. Before submitting, review all your answers again to ensure that you have not selected anything in a rush.

This is the time for you to make a final decision for questions for which there isn’t a clear cut answer. Select the one that seems correct grammatically and makes sense. Your knowledge of vocabulary will come in handy here.


Before sitting for the test, ensure that you have spent some time practicing your listening skills and are able to ward off any distractions. Furthermore, you should also ensure that you concentrate fully on the audio and keep your mind from wandering off. These skills can be developed through practice alone.

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer is a straightforward PTE listening module.

If you can follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, you will be able to strategize properly and attain full marks. Ensure that you practice this module a few times before sitting for the test.