PTE Repeat Sentence

  1. This test assesses your listening and speaking skills.
  2. You listen to a sentence and then repeat the same sentence in your microphone.
  3. The audio will start playing automatically, so be vigilant.
  4. As soon as the audio finishes, recording status box will show ‘Recording’.
  5. Speak into the microphone immediately because there is no short tone or beep to prompt you to speak.
  6. Repeat exactly the same sentence that you heard.
  7. You will have 15 seconds to provide your answer.
  8. Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end and ‘Recording’ changes to ‘Completed’.
  9. You are able to record your response only once.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tips

In this test, you are scored full if you repeat the sentence correctly in the same order as you hear. The correct word sequence repeated will be scored the highest. For you to score better, listen to all the phrases, keywords and words to reproduce it exactly being said.

  1. Breakdown the sentence

    In the below example, you’ll notice that there are three different phrases in one sentence, each having its own separate meaning.

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    If you breakdown the sentence, you will have higher chances of repeating it correctly.

  2. Note the emphasis on important words

    When you are listening to the speaker, ensure you make a note of the words being stressed on in the recording. You need to repeat the sentence by putting similar emphasis on those words to convey the meaning accurately.

    In the sentence below, you’ll notice the words underlined that are stressed words.

    Why don’t you join me for dinner?

  3. Keep a note of the first letter of every word in a sentence

    If you are unable to remember the full sentence then while you are listening, you should note down the first letter of every word that you hear in a sentence. This way you will be able to interpret the full sequence of words and formulate the correct sentence.

  4. Practice regularly

    For you to remember difficult words during the exam, you should practice listening to the audio online. The more you listening and the more you repeat it, the better you become to interpret words and remember it.

How do they score PTE Repeat Sentence test?

The scoring is dependent on three factors such as content, your oral fluency and pronunciation.

Content – Are you including all the words in a sentence. Or are you adding or removing a few words of your own. It is also based on the correct sequence. No response will negatively affect your score.

Oral fluency – Are you responding naturally or you are like a robot! Your oral frequency is based on your rhythm of speech, ensuring your phrasing and stressing on individual words are clear and smooth. Best responses are spoken at a constant rate without rushing or without slowing. If you hesitate during speaking, repeat the same word or start the sentence with a different word will affect your score negatively.

Pronunciation – Are you responding just as most regular English speakers do! Will other person be able to understand you accurately when you speak! Your sequence of words should be understandable by distinguishing vowels and consonants and stressing on important words by speaking the sentence as naturally as you can.

PTE Repeat Sentence affects your speaking, listening, pronunciation and oral fluency score.

PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Questions

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