PTE Answer Short Questions

What happens in PTE Answer Short Questions?

The task here is to answer with a single word or a few words after listening to a question.

The listening and speaking skills are assessed during this task.

You’ll have 10 seconds to answer.

The question could be in the form of an image or audio. When the audio finishes, the microphone opens the recording status after which you should speak immediately as there is no short tone and answer the question with a word or few words.

You should finish your speaking task before the progress bar reaches the end. You won’t be able to replay the audio and the recording of your voice takes place once only and that also in that stipulated time.

PTE Tips for Answer Short Question

Short Answer Question is part of the PTE test that assesses your listening and speaking skills. There are about 10 to 12 questions asked for each of which you get 10 seconds to answer. You can’t replay the question and can only record your answer once. There are some basic tips and tricks that will enable you to ace the PTE Answer Short Question module with ease. These are as follows:

Do not panic

This tip cannot be overstated as one of the biggest mistakes that people make while attempting questions of this type is that they psyche themselves out. Know that no complicated questions are asked and there is no specialized knowledge that you need to have. Most of the questions asked come from an everyday general topic that you would have come across in your everyday life. Even if the question sounds complicated, more often than not it will probably have a simple answer.

Do not overthink

There is no need to apply any convoluted logic to simple questions. In fact, thinking too much can actually harm your score. In most cases, the simplest answer is the correct answer. Here is a simple example of this:

Which piece of furniture is found in a bedroom?

Answer – A bed! This is because there is no bedroom without a bed. However, some people can end up thinking too much and answer such things as – a couch, a cupboard, a sofa, etc. Although there is no denying that these things are in fact found in a bedroom. But the most obvious and common answer is – a bed.

Concentrate fully

There are about 10 to 12 questions of this type in this exam. All of them come one after another without any break.  Most people start strong and answering the questions well. But by the time they get to the halfway mark, they begin to lose focus. It is possible that they get bored and their mind starts to drift which is also reflected in their voice. This should be avoided at all cost. Give every question your fullest attention and think of each question as if it is the first one.

Build vocabulary

Your understanding of the question and your ability to provide the correct answer will depend a lot on how well you understand the words in the question. That means that things basically boil down to how good your vocabulary is. With a large enough vocabulary, you shouldn’t have any trouble with any questions.

To build vocabulary, you can read daily newspapers or books and take note of difficult words. You can also get vocabulary building apps. Use the same words in your sentences to ensure that you become comfortable with using them. Before you sit for the test, make sure you have had enough practice.

Give the first answer that comes to your mind

More often than not, the first answer that comes to your mind is the correct one. Do not overthink it. If you end up questioning yourself at every step, you may end up making disastrous errors. This should be avoided at all cost.


This is one of the easiest and most effective techniques for students. As soon as you hear the question, use the words to visualize and paint a picture in your mind. After this, answering the questions consists of looking at the picture that you have painted in your mind and picking out the specific information required.

PTE Answer Short Question is one of the simplest and most straightforward modules in the test.

In answering these questions, all you have to do is keep things simple, concentrate on the questions, and stay confident.

Most of the times, the simplest answer is the correct answer, for which you don’t have to think too hard.