PTE Listening: Select Missing Word

PTE Tips for Select Missing Word

In PTE Select Missing Word task, you need to listen to an audio clip that will come with a ‘beep’. After listening to the clip, you have to choose the most appropriate answer that goes well with the ‘beep’.

In this exercise, the recording’s last word or group of words has been replaced by a beep. To complete the recording, you have to find the right answer.

The audio starts playing automatically and most importantly, you can listen to the recording just once.

Learn Different Strategies to Tackle This Task

Understand the task

In PTE Listening Test, time management acts as a challenge. People run out of time and could not complete all questions. The best thing about Select Missing Word is that it is a relatively simple and quick test. So, you have to select the right option and move ahead. If not, guess the answer and move further.

To begin with, candidates need to comprehend the task. They have to recognize what is being examined and how it will be scored. After that, employ appropriate strategies to complete the task effectively.

The ‘Select missing word’ test will have two or three questions. On selecting the accurate answer, you will get one mark and have zero for selecting the incorrect option.

Context is everything

Before the audio begins, you will come across a prompt that will tell you about the listening topic. So, it is important that you read it carefully.

If you are familiar with the general subject area, it becomes easy to tune into the content. At the same time, your mind begins thinking about related vocabulary and concepts. In short, you get the context.

The recording is going to last for 20-70 seconds. In the end, you will have a ‘beep’. You will have three and five answer options, where you have to select one. All of these options will be grammatically accurate. You just need to focus on the meaning.

When you select an answer, it will get highlighted in yellow. One can change the answer by tapping on a different response. Once done, tap on ‘Next’ to move further.

Listen carefully

You have to listen carefully while attempting this task. You will view a timer on your screen so that you know when the audio recording is going to end. So, fully concentrate on each and every word that you hear and try to write the main keywords if possible.

Choose the right option

So, there can be several possible response options for the given recording. However, only one of them is correct. To choose an option, you need to left-tap on the mouse. If you like to change your answer, then deselect it or just left-tap on a different response option.

Key Strategies for PTE Select Missing Word

Here are some strategies that you can follow for this specific PTE listening task:

Before listening:

  • Read the screen prompt carefully to discover the topic
  • Recognize that you have carried out practice and prepared really well
  • Be ready and open to different speaking speeds and accents

While listening:

  • Aim and focus to comprehend the primary points
  • Keep an eye on the timer so that you could check when the beep is going to come

After listening:

  • Go through all the options and select the accurate one
  • If you do not know the correct answer, guess it
  • Move onto the next question. Do not keep thinking about it!

Note: If all the listening tasks, candidates can adjust the volume with the help of the slider. Do that if you have to while the recording is playing.

Also, listen to the recording carefully when it reaches the end as mostly the ‘beep’ sound is located there.