PTE Describe Image

What happens in PTE Describe Image test?

On the computer screen, an image appears and you have to describe the image in detail.

It is a speaking test assessment and you’ll have 40 seconds to answer.

The status box for recording will display a countdown timer until the microphone opens up.

You’ll have 25 seconds to prepare and study the image before you respond after a short tone.

As soon as the tone beeps, start speaking immediately to record your response.

Speak clearly and do not rush.

Your speech should finish before the progress bar reaches the end of the bar. Once the progress bar reaches the end, ‘Recording’ will change to ‘Completed’.

You’ll only have one chance to record your response.

PTE Tips for Describe Image

Describe Image is a PTE module that requires you to describe the image that you see on the screen. The basic skills that are evaluated include the ability to look at a visual, understand it, and describe it to others.

Though some of the images can seem quite daunting to describe at first, with a few tips and tricks you should be able to strategize and ace this part of the test.

Don’t get lost in the details

Many people try too hard to capture every single detail of the image and end up losing focus. There is no need to try to mention every single point of the image as this will only make you sound confused. Instead, you should mention a few points, connect them as best you can and deliver a strong and structured response. Such a strategy will help you score much more.

Speak naturally

Some people think that the faster you speak the higher your score will be. While others speak very slowly, emphasizing and stressing each word that they speak. Neither of them is the right way to go about it. What you should be looking to do is to speak as naturally as possible.

Know that what is natural to you may not be the same for someone else. To determine that optimal speed at which you should speak in order to sound natural comes only through practice.

Provide a structured response

A structured response is much better than one that is all over the place. It is important then to have a well-defined beginning, middle, and end. At the same time, don’t try to sound like you are separating the contents based on this structure and are reading them one after another. Make sure that the points flow naturally and seamlessly and are well connected grammatically.

Use the Templates properly

Describing the images based on a template can make it easier for you to structure your responses. Templates allow you to know how to begin and end your response so you don’t have to spend too much time figuring it out. However, one mistake that people usually make is that they do not use the templates properly.

Don’t use the same template for each image the same way. For instance, starting your response for every image with, “This image describes…” can become stale and monotonous and is a dead giveaway that you are stuck to one type of template. Instead, try to have multiple templates and mix them up when describing images. This will ensure that your responses are interesting and varied without sacrificing on a structure which will ensure a good score.

Get Timed Practice

Before going in for the test, ensure that you have had some practice in a timed setting. The quality of your responses will vary depending on the time that you have. Describing an image in 2 minutes is quite different from describing the same in half a minute. That is why, whenever you are practicing for this module, ensure that you have a timer with you.

The PTE ‘Describe Image’ module test can be quite challenging, especially if you haven’t practiced enough or do not have a structured response to make.

Make sure that you have multiple templates to describe the images, not just one. Also, do not get lost in the details.

Stick with a few points, connect them properly and speak as naturally as you can.

With these simple tips and tricks, you will not only be able to provide fluent descriptions but will also provide interesting and varied answers that will get you a high score.