PTE Personal Introduction

The personal introduction is an opportunity to make that first impression. Do not get nervous. Be confident because your confidence will help you improve your personal introduction in the PTE Academic exam.

You will have 25 seconds for yourself to prepare your response, and then you’ll have 30 seconds to provide your introduction.

A personal introduction is not scored. Still, they are definitely sent to the institutions selected by you, such as a university, visa office or immigration department for them to listen to this introduction. You can make a good impression on the University or the immigration department with your great personal introduction.

Note: You are only allowed to record your answer once so be prepared.

Here’s what you need to provide as your personal introduction

Your name
Your age
Your residence location
Highest qualification followed by from which University
Your hobbies or interests
Your future goals
Why attending PTE exam?

A sample of personal introduction

My name is Roy Bhatt. I’m 21, hail from Calcutta, West Bengal in India. I completed my graduation from XYZ University in the stream of mechanical engineering. I’m fond of organizing events, playing cricket and volunteering. I want to migrate to Canada for my future prospects, to pursue masters in mechanical engineering. I am giving the PTE Academic exam as one of the requirement to test my English skill to achieve my goals.

Few more essential tips for a personal introduction

  • Practice speaking every day in front of the mirror. If you can record speaking and then listen to it thereafter, which will allow you to pick-up on your mistakes. Record again and listen to your recordings until you are satisfied with your personal introduction.
  • Your speaking should appear natural, confident and not rehearsed.
  • Do not stop or pause while you are speaking.
  • Delivering a great introduction will boost your moral for further PTE test.

PTE Personal Introduction Template

My name is (name). I am (age) and I live in (location and state). I have completed my (education faculty) from (college name followed by University name). I am currently working at (Company name) as a (job title). I like to/I am fond of/My hobbies are (hobby or something unique about you). I am participating in the PTE Exam today to test my English skills and as part of the (visa requirement/university requirement).

Good luck.