PTE Summarize Written Text

What happens in PTE Summarize Written Text?

You have to write a sentence (one-sentence summary) of the passage that you read.

The reading and writing skills are assessed in this task.

There will be a text of around 300 words which you’ll have to summarize.

The time you will need to summarize the text will be 10 minutes. Ensure you include main points and keywords a one full, single sentence of no more than 75 words.

Remember, it is supposed to be one full single sentence so punctuation knowledge will be necessary to accomplish this task.

The word count will be shown on the screen at the bottom as you write. There will be a copy, cut and paste buttons which you may use while constructing your summary.

PTE Tips for Summarize Written Text

‘PTE summarize written text’ is a short-answer writing task. In this test, you have to write a summary in one sentence of the given reading passage. You will be provided 2-3 written text tasks, depending on the exam to exam. Here, ensure that you incorporate the main points of the passage in a single, full sentence in not more than 75 words.

At the bottom of your screen, the ‘Word Count’ tab counts the number of words that you write. Along with this option, there are also other tabs like a cut, copy, and paste that you can use while writing the summary.

Cut: This option lets you select text from the answer that you like to remove. To use this option, left-tap on ‘Cut’.

Copy: This option lets you select text from the answer that you like to copy. To use this option, left-tap on ‘Copy’.

Paste: With this option, you can paste the copied or cut text to your desired location. Place the cursor anywhere and left-tap on ‘Paste’.

Tips for PTE Summarize Written Text

Ensure your response in the right form

While writing your response, ensure that it is just one sentence, which starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. It needs to be between 5 words and 75 words. So, keep a check on the word count section. If you write less or more than that, the response will be rejected. Plus, no credits will be given for an incorrect or no response.

Practice complex and compound sentences

The response needs to be expressive. So, you have to use a compound or complex sentence for summarizing the main point of the given passage. Also, you can briefly add some supporting details. For this, you can use connectors, which offer an incredible way to prevent commas overuse. In order to avoid ‘and’ again and again, go for the FANBOY connectors. The term expands to For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So.

Write less

It is not necessary to write 75 words for getting full marks. A longer sentence will leave you vulnerable to sentence structure and grammar mistakes. The answer could do wonders between 35 words and 50 words. Within this word limit, you can summarize the main ideas without making your sentence too convoluted.

Plan your points before you start

Most people run out of time while writing the PTE essay. This is because they change their arguments halfway and need to start again. So, what people do is that they start writing and think that the ideas will follow. Unfortunately, it does not work this way and generally, making a plan will save you from the hassle of stopping and restarting.

People often say that they do not go about an essay plan as they are afraid of wasting their valuable time. However, it does not take much time to jot down some quick ideas if you follow a strategy or method.

How This Task Is Scored

This writing task is scored on the basis of content, form, grammar, and vocabulary.

When talking about the content, what matters is the inclusion of the main points along with supporting details in your response. If the response misinterprets the passage, you would not receive marks for any of the four factors.

In terms of form, you need to meet the pattern of a one-sentence summary. It should contain 75 words or less. It goes without saying that your response should demonstrate correct grammatical usage. It needs to follow the accurate basic sentence structure.

Your word usage and choice should be appropriate and correct. You can go for better synonyms to effectively show your variety in language use.