PTE Reading: Multiple Choice, choose single answer

PTE Tips for Multiple Choice, choose single answer

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer is part of the PTE Reading test in which you are required to select a single answer from the multiple options presented based on your text. The module assesses your ability to read and understand the meaning of a passage in English.

If you’re looking to ace the Multiple Choice, choose single answer module of the PTE reading test, you are going to have to strategize. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with the same:

Read the questions first

This is the most important tip as it is designed to save precious time. Know that you don’t have to read and understand the entire text in order to perfect the section. Read the questions first and take note of the keywords. More often than not, these will help you find the information in the passage faster.

Consider the options

Based on the prompt or the questions, the answer choices will be composed of words, phrases, or sentences. Take a look at the options before reading the text. Based on your grammatical knowledge, you will be able to figure out which of the options are likely to be correct. This will also help you to eliminate the wrong answers and minimize the chances of errors.

Keep an eye on the clock

There will be a timer on the top right corner of the page that will indicate how much time you have left. Always keep an eye on it as you are reading the passage and trying to find the answers. This will help you manage your time effectively. Ideally, you should be looking to spend no more than a minute and a half on a single item.

Skim through the text

When it comes to reading, you don’t have to read each and every word of the text. What you are looking to do is to glean the basic idea as to the nature of the passage. This can be done by skimming through the text. This is an important skill to have that can be developed with practice.

To get better at skimming, try to read daily newspapers, magazines, books, and academic papers. You can also time yourself and give yourself no more than a couple of minutes to see how much you understand within the time frame. Over time, the ability will come naturally to you and during the test and you will be able to cut down on your reading time.

Do not skip any answer

There are no negative markers in this module of PTE. That is why even if you’re not sure of the answer you should ideally go with your instincts and make the best guess. Leave such questions for the last when you have enough time to make up the right option. Do not, in any case, leave any question unanswered.

Practice makes perfect

Before you go in for the test, ensure that you have had enough hours to practice all the strategies mentioned above. At first, things may feel a little out of place as you are trying to brush up on your vocabulary, your grammar, your speed reading skills, and the like. But with deliberate and consistent practice, these things will become easier and before long, you will be able to master them and ace the module with ease.

PTE multiple-choice, choose a single answer module is a straightforward section of the test. These tips and tricks are designed to strategize how you approach the section as well as provide the optimal plan for the same.

Basic understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and skimming through the text will take some time and practice, while other things like time management and reading questions before the passage are simple tricks. All these, in conjunction, will allow you to manage your time and ace this section.