Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

Overseas education is gaining popularity in many countries, including India. Every year thousands of Indian students go to western countries to study. While some feel that education is better than the local colleges or universities in India, others feel that it is tough to get admission in reputed Indian colleges due to competition.

Studying in a foreign land brings several advantages. The most obvious is that it broadens our mind. Experiencing a new culture, speaking languages in a different accent, celebrating new festivals, meeting people with different backgrounds, adapting to their cuisines and seeing a whole different way of life is an enhancing experience that builds confidence and flexible.

However, studying in a different country is quite expensive. The university fees and the costs of living are generally high. It imposes a financial burden on student’s families. Many students have to borrow jumbo education loans in order to pay tuition fees. Another disadvantage is that students have to live away from their family and friends.

Like every side has two coins, studying overseas has its gains and disadvantages. It is a rich experience that opens a window full of opportunities if students overcome or find ways to adjust to challenges.