The claim that animals have rights has been subjected as a matter of debate since the 1970s. Are zoos helping or hurting our animals? Should zoos be banned? Do you agree or disagree?

For several years, it has been argued that animals have rights. This was further claimed by not-for-profit organizations such as PETA. For over half a century, there is a constant debate about the existence of zoos. A primary concern is to understand if zoos are helping or hurting animals. Many claims that zoos should be made illegal.

Every major city has a zoo that has several species of animals. On the one hand, it is advantageous for humans as it becomes not only a medium of income but also entertainment where many families bring their children to familiarise themselves with these creatures. While we gasp in awe, these animals are caged in a limited area which is not enough for them.

More than often, zoos do not provide animals with their natural environment facility, which affects their health seriously. For example, species that are meant to live in colder places are transported to zoos that are in hotter and dry areas in which they cannot acclimatize quickly. Furthermore, the pollution of the city affects the longevity of these animals.

In my opinion, it is similar to the idea where humans are put in the jails without committing any crime, and I strongly believe that zoos should be banned altogether. However, animals in sanctuaries where they are close to their habitat and have enough space to move around should be encouraged. This will not only give them the freedom to live but also help them to lead a happy and healthy life – which is their right.