Our planet is suffering from multitude problem, which one is the biggest problem and things to do to resolve it.

On the one hand, technological and industrial advances have made human life comfortable. However, this has increased the carbon emissions, toxic waste pollution and climate change. This has led to an increase in the frequency and intensity of disasters all over the world. Millions of people from various countries have suffered. Unfortunately, the developing and the underdeveloped countries have to suffer more.

In the race of becoming a developed country, developing countries such as India have unplanned development. They are replacing lush green forests with concrete jungles. However, they can replant the trees in other places instead of cutting them. Further, this has led many rivers to flood villages and cities during monsoon. Such activities have disturbed the lives of the people and have caused adverse effects on ecology and ecosystem. There are various stories about wild animals attacking villages for food in such countries.

The only way to balance the ecology is to plant more trees. The greener the countries will be the better will be the quality of life. There is an increase in understanding and awareness as now people celebrate world environment day. On such events, many students at schools and universities to plants trees and encourage them to perform the same activity with their families.

To sum up, climate change is a significant issue. If this is not solved, then our future generations will have to pay for it.