Team sports are generally promoted as a great way to keep fit and build character. However, sporting events such as soccer matches are often accompanied by violence between rival supporters and other forms of antisocial behaviour. If sporting events antisocial behaviour, can team sports be really good for us?

For mass and social media, sports events have held particular interest due to the debate it sparks. While some people think that is an excellent way to be healthy and build character, many believe that sporting events can lead to antisocial behaviour towards the rival team.

Such antisocial behaviour can be seen in the fans of many football clubs in Europe. The recognized teams have much pressure to win every game they play in. However, it is essential to understand that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin and thus should be accepted gracefully. More than often, supporters of a winning team mock the members and supporters of rival teams – and forget that being nasty will not help.

This behaviour is inculcated young when children start following these teams, and if the behaviour is not corrected at the right age by parents and peers, it can be dangerous. The advantages and skills learned due to team sports outweigh the antisocial behaviour at the sporting events, which does not happen all the time. Moreover, the skills and talent of players must not be overlooked by such antisocial behaviour of fans. Furthermore, the famous sportsperson who are role models for many must encourage the fan to treat everyone with respect, including their challengers.