Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Discuss pros and cons impacts.

Fifteen years into the new millennium and the world is connected like never before. Better connectivity and increased communication are due to technological advances. This had a significant impact on the lives of people, especially on the world of business.

Increasingly, companies are adopting new methods of communication, such as video conference. It works over the internet, where clients or executives all over the world can video chat with each other on a computer or smartphones. This is cost-effective, saves time spent on travel and speeds up the processes. It is proved productive, as meetings are short and effective with fruitful collaboration from employees and decisions are made faster.

Consequently, this connectivity increased work pressure on employees as they are expected to be a part of the video conferencing as they are reachable. As this mode of communication is mainly used for foreign clients and executives, some employees have to function in odd hours to match that of a client’s time zone. In developing countries like India, employees of small and medium-sized companies who deal with foreign clients have to connect with them after working hours. This has not only affected their family lives but has led to health-related problems.

In summary, the methods of communications have changed for good, but sometimes employees are exploited.