Company’s top-level authorities should get their employees in the decision-making process. Discuss.

For donkey’s years, there is a constant debate that employees must be involved in the decision-making process.

Often new start-ups and small scale companies take opinions of their employees before making important decisions. This bonds the team like a family and there has been a steady growth of the company. Further, they are aware of the current situation, which makes them act responsibly. Moreover, opinions from employees bring a fresh perspective to the top-level management team and sometimes problems that look very tricky can be solved very quickly.

However, it is not always recommended for every decision made. Certain sensitive information must not be disclosed, for example, how to address the loss incurred by an organisation? Such topics can make the junior employees panic and spread rumours about the company in the market, and these situations must be carefully addressed.

Democratic management has been successful. Though including all employees in the decision-making process will be difficult and tedious, but the results are positive. In recent years, many companies and organisations are adopting this technique and reaping benefits. It makes employees feel strongly about the company and accountable for the decision made, which in turn ensure their productivity and efficiency.