Do you think consumers should avoid over-packaged products or is it the responsibility of producers?

Right packaging ensures that the products are used when required without any wastage. The packaging industry is highly competitive – that is bringing about packaging solutions for all types and different sectors of industries.

For example, the food industry has understood the success right packing can bring and has gone to the extent to pack their food in trays and in boxes of different shapes and sizes to match that of food. It is not only user-friendly, but many consumers claim that is delicious. Further, research suggests that the aesthetic appeal of packaged products makes consumers overlook the health risks packaged food can incur. Thus, it increases the overall value of the item and makes higher sales. However, they tend to overlook that they spend more than they would otherwise just due to the way it is packed.

After climate change impacts, several manufacturers now claim that use recyclable and recycled products for packaging. However, several items such as vegetables and fruits in supermarkets are packed in plastics (which are not required) is a threat to the environment. Thus, in my opinion, it is the producers who should ensure that over-packaging is avoided. In contrast, consumers must dispose of these items in the right way or re-use if possible to curb the environmental damage.