Different people get success in different fields. Some people work long hours to get success, but others feel that spend free time for joy than Wealth. Which style closely relates to you and explain your views?

“There is a price to pay for everything” is an adage. Globalization, increasing competition and advances in technology has lured people to materialistic luxuries. Everyone wants big homes to live in, branded clothes and shoes to wear, and high-end luxury cars to drive. For which the price to pay works harder and longer hours.

To achieve the luxuries mentioned above, people have started working very hard. At work, employees are given challenging targets with tight deadlines which tie them to their workplace. Such models are often incentive-based. Many companies are now paying employees on performance based only. Such people are always worried about work and often go home very late or take their office work to their homes. On the other hand, business people lead a stressful life too – increasing inflation and competition makes it difficult for them to attract consumers.

This behaviour not only affects their personal lives drastically but is detrimental to their health. They do not spend time with their families, and often the children do not get to spend time with their fathers except Sunday. On Sunday, too, they want to rest and charge themselves for the busy and stressful week ahead. Such stories are widespread in India where there is cut-throat competition in every field. Such working hours make them unhappy and insecure in life.

To conclude, anything done too much is not good. Thus, both employees and employers should have a work-life balance to increase efficiency in work and happiness in life.