It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree?

No one can deny that the age of getting married is different from one country to another and from one culture to another. Some prefer early marriages, while others prefer late marriages. In both cases, there is a need to understand the workings of the marriage institution before plunging into it.

Looking at one side, early marriage is advantageous because it offers permanent family support to the couple from an early age. This helps the couple to enjoy mutual development in life. When one enjoins to another person in marriage, he/she is determined to support it towards achieving their goals. Progress becomes crucial for both of the partners since they have shared needs and experiences. Moreover, those who get into marriage at an early age can get children at a young age and therefore take care of them during their employment time as they grow. This enables them to support their children in their significant stages in life, for example, in education, marriage, and even settlement.

On the other hand, getting married at a young age has many disadvantages too an early age is considered that they are from 14 years old to 20 years old. The main disadvantage is they miss out on the fun of teenage life. It will deprive them of their youth. So, they cannot live their life as a normal child as others who are at the same age. One other disadvantage is that bringing up children may be difficult for their young parents, because their knowledge of childcare and attention to children may not be enough. So, they will not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child.

Moreover, a disadvantage is that early marriage can affect the mother’s health. Young mothers are exposed to severe health problems. Early pregnancy and childbirth can hurt a mother’s health at a young age. Additionally, getting married early distracts people from studying. Once they spend time on their daily lives, they do not have time to cover their studies. Without studying, rarely do they make progress in their career. Thus, it makes people difficult in bringing up their children well. Finally, people who marry early are more likely to get divorced.

In conclusion, there are both positive and negative impacts on young couples. In my opinion, I believe that the most suitable married gap age is between 22 to 25 years old because at that stage people can obtain more advantages than the drawbacks from their marriage.