What are the greatest inventions of the 20th century among medicine, aeroplane and computers, why?

20th century has been the century of inventions and innovations. Fields like transport, telecom, medical, education etc. all have seen the phenomenal developments but one of the significant revolutions in the technology is the Internet. The Internet has changed the landscape of human life to an unimaginable level. The computer has made this planet just like a global village and created millions on employment opportunities.

Firstly, the computer has transformed this planet into one family. Everyone who wants information can access the Internet in just a matter of seconds regardless of his place and location. You can view information, lifestyle, population and other geographical information of any country in the world. For instance, if I want to compare the top universities of the world, it would hardly take a minute which would otherwise be not possible without this blessing. The Internet has shrunken this world like one home in which everyone is a family member.

Secondly, the Internet has created job opportunities for millions of people. Work options have been created in the form of web designing, web hosting, online product sales, software development and hundreds more which cannot be listed here. For example, the biggest company in the world which has the most expensive share in New York Stock exchange is none other than Google. This supports the logic that the Internet has been one of the significant cause of job creation.

However, there are some drawbacks also of this technology. Cybercrimes and fake business have entered this world of the Internet. To illustrate that, many hackers have hacked the critical and national security websites of not only third world countries but also leading nations like the United States. These cybercrimes are playing the havoc with the intelligence agencies of the world. Thus, it can be seen that these crimes are depicting the negative pictures of this technology.

To summarize, the Internet has truly changed the face of the world, making it a tiny one and giving the opportunities of millions of people to earn their livelihood. The Internet has indeed been the most significant development of the 20th century. It is recommended that states should make tight laws to curb illegal activity going on the Internet.

Daily Inventions/Future Inventions

In the 21st century, this process is decidedly quicker than the last decades and centuries, and everything has changed from agriculture to medicine by technologies. From my everyday experience and observation, I think many significant inventions will be registered in future.

In the healthcare, diseases cure section and producing new medicines certainly technology has changed many things. Many medicine & drugs for treatment will be generated, and these popular items are going to be better and more efficient than now, such as cancer cure, measles, diarrhea, heart attack, eyes and lung diseases, etc.

In transportation, cars will be driven in the air, their fuel will be generated from the air, and faster trains, buses and subways will be introduced, so trips and voyages are more convenient and faster, ways are shorter, and distance is fewer. Agriculture will very surely change, in smaller land farmer will be producing more food items and crops. Technology will come to aid human and will bring more efficiency to husbandry.

For the last word, undoubtedly the 21st century will bring many modifications with itself, and due to this rapid change, nobody surely knows what will happen in future. Many human beings will conflict with robots and machines, as many scientists warn us.