Imitating celebrities in sports and movies good or bad?

All of us want to live life king size. All of us aspire a life led by a celebrity at some point in our lives. Many of us start imitating celebrities, thinking that acting like them will make us one. However, we forget that they became celebrities after a very long journey of hard work, dedication, failures and perseverance.

For many of us, celebrities are role models. Learning from their experiences and life will help us achieve our goals. All successful people are passionate about something; copying this can do wonders. Celebrities inspire students at school to be a human being and make them realise that if they can do it – so can we. Such inspiration is necessary when growing up.

However, people overlook the difference between the good and the bad; and it will have an impact on their lives. Several fans start following every action of their favourite screen idol blindly. Some start smoking while others sport a particular hairstyle or dance move to impersonate their favourite star. This makes them look ‘cool’ amongst peers. However, sometimes, specific actions may be derogatory.

In conclusion, in countries like India, where celebrities are given a position of God; have much responsibility on their shoulders. They must ensure that their actions do not spread the wrong message.