Information revolution has changed the way of mass communications and had some negative and positive effects on individual lives as well as on society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

We live in the information age. Advances in technology have changed the impacts of mass communication. The mediums used for mass communication have increased – from radios to television to print and online media. Online media is gaining popularity, and unlike other methods, it provides a platform to share and exchange ideas and opinions.

With the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the speed with which the news travels has increased dramatically. Everyone online is aware of happenings in the world. It provides a platform to share ideas, exchange thoughts and opinions about various issues. Discussing an issue with various perspectives can lead to better decisions made for society.

With high power comes great responsibility. The power is in the hand of the creator of information. Some information is blown out of proportion to make sensational headlines, while others are biased and misleading. The power is strong enough to transform the ideas, beliefs and mindsets of people. This is a threat to society in the long run.
In conclusion, mass communication has led to shifts in the lives of individuals. People are more aware of mass communication, but the question is, do we need all that information?