Some people think placing advertisements in schools is a great resource for public schools that need additional funding, but others think it exploits children by treating them as a captive audience for corporate sponsors. Choose which position you most agree with and discuss why you chose that position. Support your point of view with details from your own experiences, observations or reading.

It is believed that advertisement is a prime source of a business which contributes to generating a large amount of fund for any organization or corporation like schools. However, some argue that schools are not an appropriate place to place an advertisement in the name of an exclusive fund collection. I will be in favour of the last notion.

To begin with, placing advertisements in schools will distract juveniles who do not have controlling power on themselves as the psychological aspect of children needs to be considered before placing an advertisement in school. School children might less concentrate on their studies and more focus on colourful advertisements because of which their future will be uncertain as they will not be able to pass their course easily. For example, a child who is in the habit of involving in various advertising campaigns since childhood lacks behind on his or her studies. In the same way, young pupils will be obsessed with money, and if there is a shortage of money in any stage of their life while growing, they might indulge in an illegal act to achieve the money.

On the other side of the fence, there are positive aspects as well, as children may get an excellent opportunity for the future, and they can shape their life by following only positive outcomes of advertisement.

To conclude, the latter notion outweighs the first one as students should focus on their studies at this age rather than highlighting in another aspect like an advertisement. Therefore, Advertisements should be banned from the schools .we should ensure a pleasant and quiet place for kids to study.