Pros and Cons of extreme/adventurous sports.

We live in a world where health and safety are far more superior. The popularity of extreme sports has continued to grow over the last decade. It is agreed that no amount of words are adequate to convey the thrill of skiing, deep-sea diving, bungee jumping, water rafting or any other adventure sport. While I understand that argument, my view is that people should be free to do whatever sports they want.

Risk-taking sports help in the development of self-confidence and independence. For instance, by successfully facing up the challenge of adventurous sports like rock-climbing, young people overcome their fears and apprehensions along the way and develop a feeling of unusual accomplishment. This makes it clear that climbing mountain, instead of an indoor game, helps in developing the balance, using more muscle groups, and taking on a journey in an uncontrolled environment that stimulates the brain with countless variables. Recognizing the thrill of beating storm and making it back home safely result in enhancement of the overall personality of an adventurous person.

Moreover, many people are reluctant to try new things like mountain biking, scuba diving, white river rafting, para-gliding etc., thinking that they do not possess the skills or have an ability to enjoy it. The opposite argument is that people should be free to do whatever risk they want. So, if someone wants to jump out of a plane, then they should be allowed to, and the government cannot say what they should do.

Turning the coin, extreme sports can be hazardous and can sometimes kill people. More than that, it is not just the sportspeople who are in danger, but spectators too can be severely injured. If, for example, a Formula 1 car crashes, the driver may be hurt, and people in the crowd may be too. Because of this danger, it is understandable why people want the government to ban these sports.

Pondering on both the views, I think that the government should regulate dangerous sports, but it should not ban them. Looking at the above arguments, we can say that adventure sports have many impressive benefits. However, it is recommended that these sports should be tried under proper guidance and supervision of a guard.