Pros and cons of extreme sports

Fifteen years into the new millennium and extreme sports such as sky diving, mountaineering expeditions, river rafting and snorkelling amongst many others are gaining popularity. Many adventurers say that such activities give them a ‘high’ they want, while others indulge in the activity to look ‘cool’.

Jumping from a plane at a height 31,000 feet can sound very erratic, but many people do it to get an adrenaline rush – ‘the high’. Life has become very predictable and thus boring. To break this monotony, many individuals take up adventure sports; to do something completely different and unexpected. Moreover, researchers also claim that repetitive or similar extreme sports do not give individuals the same level adrenaline rush that they got at first. Thus, the next extreme sports adventurers pick is often even more dangerous.

Undoubtedly such sports are hazardous and life-threatening. There have been incidences in past when individuals have suffered severe injuries, and some have even lost lives. Thus, governments have made very stringent laws to ensure everyone’s safety.

Being an extreme sports enthusiast myself, in my opinion, individuals must take up these adventurous sports after ensuring that the organization or the tutor that they have tied up with ensures their safety and takes all possible measures for the same