In recent years, some countries have experienced very rapid economic development. This has resulted in a much higher standard of living in urban areas, but not in the countryside. This situation may bring some problems for the country as a whole. What are these problems? How might they be resolved?

Recently, there have been many radical changes in the economies of developing countries, and enormous growth has been accompanied by it, especially in the city areas. Very few positive modifications are implemented in rural areas. This irrational distribution of funds has aggravated many issues which need proper attention.

First of all, as the standard of living has increased in most urban areas, people are more willing to migrate to those areas. The growth of industrialization has also engulfed this trend in which many village living people are moving towards cities for employment opportunities. This mass migration has resulted in many severe issues in developed regions. For example, as more and more people migrate to cosmopolitan areas, these areas become congested and scarce of necessary resources. This, additionally, burdens the whole system to provide necessary facilities like good food, shelter, transportation and medical facilities. Moreover, pollution can also be indirectly attributed to such conditions.

Rural areas, on the other hand, are left behind, and they cannot take active participation in the country’s development as a whole. Agriculture is the backbone of some under-developed countries, and they play an indispensable role in boosting the economy of a country. If these parts of the country are ignored, then it will hamper the expected growth.

However, the central authority can take specific steps to tackle such an uneven distribution. First, local government, along with central government, should form particular policies for encouraging agrarian activities. Further, better facilities, like education and infrastructure, should be developed. Therefore, the construction of roads and bridges are elementary under such circumstances.

Overall, the growth of a country does not mean the growth of metro cities only. It means the progress of each and every corner of the nation.