Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental to society.

It is an era of inventions. Technological advances have made our lives easier. From taking a holiday to the moon to sending messages with a click – everything is possible. One such astonishing invention is Smartphones.

Smartphones are mobile phones that are not only used for calls and texts messages but many other features. They are like mini-computers with the internet that allows users to download various applications that can help them at work, home and to stay connected with their friends and families. There are endless applications for entertainment such as games and music; utilities such as compass and flashlight; and productivity such as health and fitness apps to track the number of miles you have run or the number of calories consumed. It is, altogether, a new world.

Consequently, smartphones have made people socially averse. Many people shy away from communicating with people when they meet or over the telephone as they find it easy to talk via texts or online messages or tweets. During social events, many are glued to their phones to stay updated, missing all the fun they can have when they are with people.

Too much of anything is wrong. Undoubtedly smartphones have changed the lives of people in the right way but have increased several psychological diseases.