Many people think that regions affect a successful person. What is your opinion about the native region and accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to?

There is a saying– ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. Success does not come easy – it comes after sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance. Moreover, a lot depends on an individual’s will power and knowledge. Thus, inner thoughts affect success more than the outer environment. Either from a village or a metropolitan city, nothing can stop an individual who wants to mark a name in the pages of history.

Once successful, every individual goes back to its roots – where he belonged to and where he came from. Successful and accomplished individual proudly give much credit of their success to their town, culture, friends and family. This is because that is the place where they have spent their childhood and formative years. Knowledge and the strong values instilled in them by their parents and teachers have played a significant part in their success.

More than often, the people who are doing well play a significant role in the reconstruction of their hometowns. They want to provide for the facilities such as building schools, libraries and colleges – for the younger generation which was not available to them while they were growing up. Moreover, they share technological advances via such mediums.

Developing such a platform, where exposure meets the will power to succeed; where individuals have opportunities to reach their full potential will indeed keep on producing successful people.