Subjects such as Art, Sport and Music are being dropped from the school curriculum for subjects such as Information Technology. To what extent would you support or reject the idea of moving these subjects from school curriculum?

Subjects like art, sport and music nurture the talents and creativity of students in school. Removing such subjects from the curriculum would hurt the physical and psychological development of children of that age group. Hence, I would completely object to the idea of removing these subjects, even if it is to fit in essential subjects like Information Technology.

I support that stand that the purpose of education is not only to develop the academic ability of students but also to nurture their creative talents and sporting abilities, leading to the overall growth of the personality of an individual. If the above disciplines are removed from school syllabus in order to accommodate new subjects, the real purpose of education would be defeated, and it would be limited to academic pursuits alone. For example, if schools do not allow children who are gifted in music, dance and sports to develop their skills, it would undoubtedly stunt inborn talents. Apart from school hours, they hardly get a chance to engage in such activities. Hence, school authorities should ensure that sufficient time is given to sport, arts and related activities, despite the pressure from new subjects.

Secondly, if school hours are completed packed with academic subjects, children would hardly get time to refresh their mind. This would mean that creative and recreational activities like music and sports would give them time to unload their pressures of academic studies and examinations. Furthermore, the opportunity to engage in activities of their interest would make education an enjoyable experience for children. The study of academic subjects hardly gives any room for developing socialization skills, teamwork and leadership qualities.

Therefore, my point is that we should retain these traditional subjects in line with a new subject in the school curriculum to fulfil the children’s potentiality to the fullest.