We should spend money on space research and travel or should resolve earth problems.

Economists and environmentalist often claim money should be spent on resolving problems of the Earth rather than space research. If we had such attitude, there would have been no America and the lives of people would not have been so easy.

Space research is a fascinating subject. Scientists for decades are trying to find traces of life on other planets. Others are interested to know about the formation and number of stars, planets and galaxies. Many governments, companies are investing heavily to find more about space.

Undoubtedly, this inquisitive nature of humanity has led to many discoveries and inventions which improved our lives. However, it has also increased pollution and has adversely affected the environment on Planet Earth. Depleting ozone layer of the atmosphere and climate change has increased the number of disasters has affected millions. If this is not controlled, the future generations will have to pay a heavy price.

On the one hand, we have Earth ever-changing – from the Ice age to the Stone Age to today. On the other, curious researchers are spending an exorbitant amount on space research. In my opinion, it will be interesting if researchers can find a way to solve the problems of Earth from space technology.