The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems…so who do u think should be responsible to solve it? Is it the governments, organisation or each individual?

Adverse effects of global warming are seen in the form of depletion of the ozone layer, and climate change has led to an increase in the rate of disasters. Uneven rainfall, cyclones, droughts, heat and cold waves have affected the lives of people in several ways. We cannot blame or make one entity responsible for solving the issues of the environment. Working as a team, we can achieve more. However, the government can legislate and enforce the environment-friendly behaviour of individuals and organisations by law.

For example, gas and electricity, which is usually provided by the government, must be produced using renewable sources of energy such as solar and hydropower. Further stricter laws must be enforced to reduce the emissions from industries and discarding toxic waste in a nature-friendly manner. The government must ensure that students in schools and universities understand the threat possessed by increasing pollution and are encouraged to use recyclable products. Moreover, more funds must be spent in R&D to reduce toxic waste. Furthermore, organisations and government together can introduce programs where they plant trees. However, making laws is just one part of the coin –execution is even more critical.

An entity can not complete such vast scale initiatives in itself. In my opinion, I believe governments, organisations and individuals are equally responsible for solving the problem.