PTE Reading

PTE Reading comes second in the test, approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete. It includes five tasks: fill in the blanks, multiple choice, choose multiple answers, re-order paragraphs, fill in the blanks reading, and choose a single solution.

You don’t necessarily need to be knowledgeable about the above tasks because all the information you need to fill in or choose will be provided in the test you read.

Multiple-choice, choose a single answer.

This task will provide you with a passage on the left side of the screen with multiple-choice on the right side.

The text could be around 100 to 110 words; read it and choose the best possible answer provided on the right side. You should accomplish each question within 2 -3 minutes.

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers.

This is similar to the above, but there will be more than one answer that you need to choose. The critical part is reading and understanding the passage’s meaning and context and selecting the appropriate options. Do not spend more than 3-4 minutes on this task.

Re-order Paragraphs

You’ll get randomly placed 3 to 4 paragraphs with 150 words or less.

You will have to drag and drop those paragraphs and align or re-order them for the flow of the content to follow the context. There will be only one correct order. Use time wisely and organise the sentences into the correct order by dragging and dropping them into the empty boxes.

Fill in the blanks (Reading)

A reading text with 80 words or less will be provided with a missing keyword, represented by blank boxes. You will have to drag the correct word from the bottom to the empty field box individually where it fits correctly.

Fill in the blanks (Reading and Writing)

This is similar to the above but with a more complex nature. This task will have 300 words or less with some missing words. Clicking on that box will reveal different options from the drop-down menu. You should select the most appropriate word to complete each sentence.

You get credit for each word you insert correctly into the passage, so do not leave any field blank.